1. Methods (Modes) of Heat Transfer
  2. Methods of Measuring Temperature
  3. Merits and Demerits of Vapour Compression System Over Air Refrigeration System
  4. Suction Temperature & Discharge Temperature
  5. Classification of Refrigerant According to Applications
  6. Classification of Refrigerants According to Safety
  7. Properties of Refrigerants
  8. Colour Codes for Refrigerant Cylinders
  9. Safety Measures in Handling Refrigerant
  10. Properties and Uses of Commonly Used Refrigerants
  11. Effect of Overcharge and Undercharge of Refrigerant on System
  12. Effects of Refrigerant Charge on Cooling Capacity
  13. Effects of Refrigerant Charge on COP
  14. Variations of Superheat and Subcooling
  15. Purpose of Compressors
  16. Types of Compressors
  17. Construction and Working Principle of Reciprocating Compressors
  18. Mechanical Details (Reciprocating Air Compressor)
  19. Merits and Demerits of Reciprocating Air Compressor
  20. Purpose of Condensers
  21. Comparison between Water-cooled and Air-cooled condenses
  22. Types of Evaporators
  23. Function of Absorption Refrigerator
  24. Ammonia Water System Component
  25. Cycle of Ammonia-Water System (Air Conditioning)
  26. Absorption Air Conditioning System
  27. Absorption System Operating Equipment Evaporator
  28. Direct Fired Absorption Chiller Chilling Cycle
  29. Direct Fired Absorption Chiller
  30. Construction and Function (Direct Fired Absorption System)
  31. Capacity Control in Absorption System
  32. Purging Procedure of Absorption Chiller
  33. Compression between Absorption and Compression System
  34. Steam-Jet (or Steam Vacuum) Refrigeration Cycle
  35. Major Components of Steam Jet System
  36. Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam Jet System
  37. Application of of Steam Jet Systems
  38. Application of AIR Washer
  39. Types of Air Wahser
  40. Screw Compressor
  41. Advantages of Screw Compressor
  42. Components of Centrifugal Compressor
  43. Scroll Compressor
  44. Reciprocating Refrigeration System
  45. Water Cooled Reciprocating Air Conditioning
  46. Capacity Control (Reciprocating Compressor)
  47. Screw Chillers
  48. Types of Scroll Refrigeration System
  49. Component of a Centrifugal Refrigerant System Compressor
  50. Centrifugal Refrigeration System
  51. Capacity Control of Centrifugal Refrigeration System
  52. Centrifugal Compressor Lubrication
  53. Types of Water Liquid Chillers
  54. Types of Hot Water Boiler
  55. Types of Water Cooling Tower
  56. Counter Flow Induced Draft Cooling Towers
  57. Cross Flow Induced Draft Cooling Tower
  58. Counter Flow Forced Draft Cooling Tower
  59. Functions of Air-Handling Units
  60. Classifications of Air-Handling Units
  61. Components of Fan-Coil Unit
  62. Variable Air Volume (VAV) System
  63. Multi-Evaporator (Mini) Split System
  64. Types of Humidifiers

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